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Coach Reggie Byrd

Founder & CEO

I’m Reginald Byrd , “Coach ByrdOwner Of ByrdChest Fitness. I was born June 27, 1991 in Germany on Army bases. I currently live in Chicago, IL (South Suburbs).  I’m 30 years YOUNG. I’m a certified Elite Fitness Coach, certified indoor bike cycling instructor, certified yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, certified in body wrapping detox sauna safety and sanitation’s, certified in wood therapy endermologie and buttocks therapy, certified in laser lipo cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening. This is a first time opening my own commercial gym facility, but not my first time working in a gym as a Licensed Coach nor conducting these other services in business settings. I’m structured for it all! And...

ALL my employees are all certified in different fields. 


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Kristina Collie

Certified Personal Trainer

Shalom! I’m Krisi Love! I am a certified personal trainer with a passion for helping women love themselves from the inside out.  When I was a teen I battled with my weight. And for a very long time I believed that if I looked like this and the scale said that then I would love myself more. But I understand now that self-love is not achieved by crushing a weight loss goal, yet it’s what goes on from the inside that truly changes us to the positive version of ourselves we are craving. I am here with Byrd Chest Fitness to assist every woman discovering perfect self-love!


Jessica Morgan

Yoga Instructor

Body Sculptor

Massage Therapist

Full-time Licensed Massage Therapy professional, Certified Non invasive Body Sculptor & Part-time Registered/Certified Yoga Instructor in the Kankakee County area & in Calumet City. I offer a holistic approach to medicine and passionately believe in the power of the body to heal through an alternative and naturistic path.



Yoga Instructor

Gerri is originally from Galveston Texas.  Her no-nonsense, positive, playful attitude assists in engaging students with the ancient art form of yoga.  Through deep-breathing, yoga poses and asanas she has been able to work through a lot of childhood and adult trauma and looks forward to helping others do the same. She currently teaches vinyasa flow yoga,  yoga chisel and yin (restorative) yoga.

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