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"Going throughout 2021, I was very unhealthy. I was heavily overweight, my blood pressure was very high, and I was also at risk for diabetes. In November 2021, I made the decision to become a part of Byrd's Chest Fitness! Now that I am three months into working out, I see a notable difference in my clothing, my energy is much better, my blood pressure has stabilized and I am no longer at high risk for Diabetes! Reggie has worked with me every step of my journey and I cannot thank him enough! If you are looking to start your new fitness journey, look no further and join Byrd's Chest Fitness!"

-Spencer L. Cotton


I started my fitness journey with Coach Byrd over Zoom in November 2020. In January 2021 I’ve reached my goal weight & it only took 2 months. I was very shocked but then realized I’d been putting in the work, I stayed consistent & very determined. No matter how intense Coach Byrd workouts are you learn to keep going, push through & remind yourself the pain is temporary. I’ve regained my strength & confidence. People around me had their opinions, but I did this for me. They might not have seen anything wrong with my body, but to me, there was & although I’ve reached my goal there’s always room for improvement. That’s why I started doing the in-person training in December 2021. I’m not stopping why would I? Coach Byrd is very supportive, motivating & knowledgeable.  This is a lifetime commitment. I’m locked in.

-Jessica B.

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After gaining almost 20lbs during the covid lockdown, I decided to finally make a change. I was working from home while my child was on remote learning so I knew Coach Byrd's zoom workout was just for me. The convenience of working out in my own home was perfect for my busy schedule. Coach Byrd gave me the tools and tips I needed for healthy meals and workout routines. What I enjoy the most is the community of like-minded people who are reaching the same goal. We keep each other accountable and encouraged daily.


I have been working with Reggie Byrd for a year and a half. When I first started working with Reggie I was 235 pounds the heaviest I ever been. He pushed me and challenged me to my best ability. He became my motivator my friend and now partners in the business. Reggie is one of the most outstanding humble human being you will ever meet. Working out is life it’s creates and help aid a better you. Byrd Chest Fitness for life! 

 -Renita W

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Losing over 20 lbs. was extremely achievable for me by working out with Coach Byrd consistently 2-3x a week for a period of almost 6 months. Coach Byrd will push you along your fitness journey with motivation and encouraging words throughout each workout. I began to have so much energy after my workouts I was able to do my own exercise which consisted of bike rides, strength training and the famous “hit drill”! I would sometimes leave an hour training session with Coach and go for a bike ride on my own from Park Forest to Frankfort then back to Park Forest which was a total of 20 miles! The amount of energy you will have after consistently training with him is unbelievable. He is more than just the average “personal trainer”, but a motivational and accountability partner. If your considering training with him there is no debate here, join the ByrdNest & get ready for greatness!

-Jenny Field 

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I started with Coach  Byrd in July 2020 at 175 lbs and the doctor wanting to put me on cholesterol medication.   After 2 months training, I was down 10 lbs..had a calcium test & did not need Meds.  I continued my training,  discipline and commitment with my Accountability Partner thru November,   until he started Zoom.  At that time I was down a total of 16 lbs.  Continued   with  zoom (when possible) Still maintaining & being accountable.

-Carrie Rice

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I started my weight loss journey on February 15th 2020 and I weighed in at 480 pounds today I’m down to 298 pounds I struggled my whole life with weight issues depression anxiety and my whole life which caused me to gain all that weight when I was 12 I was 240 pounds when I got to freshman year I weighed 300 pounds by time senior year I was 340 pounds when I turned 25 I was at 400 pounds when I was 26 I weighed 480 pounds and the at stayed on me until I turned 30 and half way into my 30’s I depression hit me harder than ever and on December 20th 2019 on my way home from work I was ready to jump off a bridge I even knew what bridge wanted to jump off of and then god changed that around and 3 months later I changed my life around for the better for me and dropped 180 pounds in less than 2 years

-Ronald Boss

This has been the most life changing experience for me and my health. I was battling with lower back pains and blood pressure on the high. My eating habits was horrible. Ice cream and chocolate was my weakness. One day at an doctor’s visit I was told im at risk of being diagnosed with high blood pressure and need to loose weight and change my eating habits fast.  I knew then it was time for a change. We only get one body and need to take great care of it. When I started my training with Coach Byrd with ByrdChest Fitness October 2020 I was 246 pounds. I’m now down to 183 pounds. When I tell you I’m blessed to be apart of the ByrdChest I’m truly am. I have learned healthy eating and portioning, discipline, self care and most of all established a fitness family. We hold one another accountable and the support is amazing. 

-Tanisha Thomas

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Reggie has been a phenomenal trainer! I’ve worked with him for the past year and couldn’t be happier with my results. During this time, Reggie has taught me several different techniques while ensuring my safety and promoting a healthier lifestyle. He is creative with every workout and full of energy that keeps me motivated throughout the session. Reggie has helped me tone, increase my endurance, strengthen my mind and body; all while helping me to achieve my goals. Reggie is very talented in his craft and I would hands down recommend him to anyone as a mentor and personal trainer.

-Candyce P

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I overcame 200 pounds high blood pressure & acid reflux free!!  Definitely all about clean eating and fitness it’s a lifestyle change & self care!!  Byrd Chest Fitness help me rebuild strength & confidence!

-Alicia Moore

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I started my journey with Coach Byrd in July 2020.  I appreciate the ByrdChest family he created as a source of accountability & motivation which helps me to continue to reach my goal.

-Kristie Williams

The picture on the left was during COVID where I was chunky and not eating clean or working out like I should, but the picture on the right is me currently where I have slimmed down and gained muscle by training with Coach Byrd who has been an inspiration to me. Coach Byrd has motivated and pushed me to new levels to reach my goal. I must say I am very proud of my accomplishment and how far I have come since training with Coach to improve myself. It’s only up from here! Thanks for all you do Coach.

-Kevin Nash

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I began training with Reggie in the summer of 2020. Earlier that year I was in a car accident and was recovering from my injuries. I remember how nervous I was and how I doubted it I’d be able to do the exercises and drills Reggie showed me. Over the last year and half it’s been AMAZING to be able to do workouts and drills that I never imagined I’d ever be able to. Reggie is not just a trainer he goes WAYYY above and beyond for his clients. Working out doesn’t feel like a chore or something I dread. I genuinely look forward and enjoy working out with him and the ByrdChest fitness trainings. Coach is genuine, compassionate yet firm and uplifting. He motivates us to do our best and give it our all. He’s not just dedicated to training us but devoted his time to helping us improving our daily lives. He teaches the importance of sleep, nutrition, meditation and mental health etc. I’m super thankful and appreciative to be apart of this fitness family and I look forward to watching his brand grow and excel  
-Jocelyn Robinson

I’ve met coach Reggie 2 years ago on March 2020 outside one of his boot camp classes! I really needed help with my weight loss! Ever since I’ve met coach Reggie, I’ve been working hard on my weight loss journey everyday and pushing myself through it! I work out with him everyday! Coach Reggie’s workout classes are amazing and positive! He’s always showing lots of love to all his clients and I’m grateful to have him in my life as my coach! I feel so much better and a lot healthier than before! Thank you so much for believing in me! 

-Moonie Smith

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Back in 2014 i had my son and was a single parent. I fought postpartum depression just after six months of having him due to the absent of his father. Overtime i found myself turning to food for comfort and lack taking care of myself first due to me working two part time jobs and going to school full time as a single parent at 19 yesrs of age.  In 2019 i met Reggie Byrd  through a nutual friend we had and she knew that i was so ready to drop the weight. I started my workout Immediatley over the summer and lost 25 lbs in a month. i let the number get to my head and took some time off . I started management in retail that i had been working in for 6 years and i just didn't have the time to return back and of course the results went back into bad habits. After taking back control of myself my work life i have made my transition back into the byrd nest and im feeling better than ever. Reggis has changed my life tremendously and not just on a personal trainer level. He's s coach, a listening ear, a brother a friend , a leader, and a great inspiration to so many people.Thank you for guiding me to discover the beauty of a disciplined lifestyle and for assisting me in reaching my fitness goals . Thank you for helping me create the best version of myself. Thank you for guiding me to discover the beauty of a disciplined lifestyle and for assisting me in reaching my fitness goals. You keep me motivated to the end with your direction, suggestions, and training and i couldn't thank you enough. Im here for the long haul coach. #byrdchestfitness 

 -Aaliyah Blanchard


Ever since Training with Reggie I was able to learn the true balance of working out effectively and adapting a healthy lifestyle. His commitment to go over and beyond in helping me reach my goals is so inspiring! I’ve lost over 23 lbs training with Reggie and could not be more grateful for the dedication and encouragement he instilled in me. Now I feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING! I will forever be a Byrd Nest Warrior Woman!

-Felicia Collins

I’d like to start by saying Reggie is the absolute best coach! I’ve known him since we were in pre-school. He’s helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Whether it was positive affirmations or pushing me in the gym towards my goals. I’ve lost 30lbs by following his nutritional guide and HIIT drills. He’s extremely patient with beginners. His dedication and determination is motivation enough to keep you going through the workouts. He’s not only a coach in the gym, but a life coach. I’ll forever be a lifelong client.

-Sirnia Stephenson

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Coach Byrd is not only a personal trainer but he’s a mentor. Since I’ve been training with Coach he’s always called me to the front and challenged me at every drill even when he could sense my own doubt. And over time not only has my body transformed but the belief in what I can and will do! Thank you Coach for always calling me up to the front! 

-Kristina Collie


As a Commissioned Officer in The United States Army, I know a thing or two about dedication and service. Coach Byrd is dedicated to the success of his clients and it shows through his actions. He gives us all the tools and support we need to succeed. The rest is on us. He invests in his clients and offers personalized service you won’t find from other trainers in this field. I have not worked out with a trainer as dedicated to the success of his clients. I don’t anticipate finding another trainer as dedicated as Coach Byrd either. Come get you some. Come train with Coach Byrd.

-Jarell Corley


I've been knowing Reggie Byrd for about 4 years now and I can say my dearest 

a friend here is the truth!!! He has helped me get back into shape for the better and I am a full-time mother of three young beautiful children. Byrd and I are a part of a health and wellness company that helps you get your health journey started for the better. The company name is Total Life Changes. I am so grateful for these amazing products that have helped me get started on the right track of my health journey and to continue to stay healthy.  -Carlisia Washington-Long


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